Coming Soon: The List of Local!!!

The List of Local!!!

Coming Soon: The List of Local!!!

During these interesting times, it's important that we all support one another, especially those who are small business owners.  In order for our followers to do so, we are creating The List of Local, a database of small businesses that are providing services in a modified manner.

In the upcoming days we will be making a database that is easily searchable by type of service and location, and businesses will be able to post methods of delivery and special services that they are currently providing, all at no cost to the business.

If you either are a business owner that would like their business to be listed or you know a business that should be included on the List of Local, please leave a comment below with the following information:

* Business Name

* Location of business (if a physical brick and mortar business)

* Type of business

* Website (if applicable)

* Facebook page or any other social media (if applicable)

* Additional information you wish for customers to know, especially if you have made any modifications to your business practices during these times.