Lynch vs. Impact for the ACW Wisconsin Heavyweight Championship
Ted Williams Apr 17, 2019

ACW Wisconsin WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019 will potentially be the largest independent professional wrestling show in Wisconsin history, and Nerd Dads is thrilled to be part of the festivities.

Cooper and Kid booth
Rob Brace Dec 08, 2017

If you're hitting the Holidazzle​ over in Loring park, stop by and see the Cooper and Kid​ booth!

Nerd Dads at Wonder World
Rob Brace Oct 03, 2017

I’m sure in recent days you’ve found yourself dallying around the dinner table with friends and family, engaging in your own social agora of maieutic and elenctic (look ‘em up) discourse as you delve into the question: Who is Nerd-Dads f