A Beginner's Guide to ACW Wisconsin WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019, Part 1: Lynch vs. Impact

Lynch vs. Impact for the ACW Wisconsin Heavyweight Championship

A Beginner's Guide to ACW Wisconsin WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019, Part 1: Lynch vs. Impact

ACW Wisconsin WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019 will potentially be the largest independent professional wrestling show in Wisconsin history, and Nerd Dads is thrilled to be part of the festivities. While I have been a longtime fan of the promotion, for many people coming to the show, this will be the first time they will have been at an ACW Wisconsin event. Many attendees may have purchased their tickets tot the event because of the headlining guests, such as Mick Foley, Mark Henry, and John Morrison, but the ACW Wisconsin roster has many amazing talents that will be in action as well.

Just about every match on the WrestlingCon card is the culmination of an extended storyline, and while an attendee will be able to enjoy the evening without knowing the history that preceded each match, they would benefit for having a working knowledge of it. With that in mind, this is Part 1 in a series of pieces that will give you better insight to what will be taking place at WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019! We will start our journey looking at the Main Event, the ACW Wisconsin Heavyweight Championship match of Logan Lynch (c) vs. John Impact.


For the better part of 2018, Logan Lynch had his sights on dethroning ACW Wisconsin’s champion at the time, Sadist. A wrestler with the promotion since its inception, Sadist had become the premier talent in the Wisconsin professional wrestling world, being the champion of many promotions throughout the state. He was a fan favorite, due to his mixture of strength, size, agility, and command of the microphone. Sadist had held the ACW Heavyweight Championship since July 2017, when he defeated wrestling great Ken Anderson. He faced many challengers along the way, but no one could defeat him.

This included Logan Lynch, who in 2017 and 2018 had slowly been climbing up the ranks as one of the state’s strongest new talents. A powerhouse in his own right, Logan Lynch took the moniker “Weapon Next,” for in his mind he was the heir apparent to Wisconsin professional wrestling’s throne.

Despite his best efforts, Logan Lynch found himself on the losing sides of many matches going into WrestlingCon 2018, twice at the hands of Sadist himself. While Lynch would be part of one of the marquee matches of WrestlingCon 2018 (facing off against WCW and WWE great Scott Steiner), Sadist would headline the event against former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback.

Being regulated to being lower on the card, and the fact that if Ryback were to defeat Sadist and take the ACW Wisconsin title (and likely never coming back to Wisconsin to defend it), Lynch took it upon himself to interfere in the main event. This resulted in Sadist and Ryback’s over 35-minute powerhouse masterpiece of a match to end in a disqualification, invoking ire from those in attendance, and especially from Sadist.

The conflict between Sadist and Lynch continued, as Lynch continually interfered with Sadist until he gave into Lynch’s demands of another title match. Sadist, fed up with Lynch’s antics, took it one step further and made the title match also a Contract vs. Contract match, meaning that the loser would end their tenure with ACW Wisconsin wrestling for good.

On August 3rd, 2018, the stage was set for Lynch and Sadist to face each other one last time. After multiple past failures against the Monster of the Midwest, Lynch achieved the unimaginable, and not only ended Sadist’s 377 Heavyweight Championship reign, but his career as well.

Not only did the ACW Wisconsin faithful fan base have to deal with the fact that their iconic champion would no longer be with the promotion, but its new champion was the reason for his departure, and there was no one in the ACW Wisconsin locker room that could match his athleticism and power.

As Lynch’s title reign grew, so did the disdain for him from the ACW Wisconsin crowd. While he was everything that, on paper, a top Heavyweight Champion should be, the ACW Wisconsin faithful never warmed up to him, and began despising him. This motivated Lynch, but not in an inspiring or uplifting way. Instead, he became more destructive and went out of his way to lay waste to anyone and everything that ACW Wisconsin fans enjoyed. This couldn’t have been more apparent than his actions at ACW #29, for not only did he mockingly destroy every challenger that came forth, both upcoming rooking and established wrestler, but he also took out many other talents just for the sheer enjoyment of watching them (and the ACW Wisconsin fans) suffer.

If the locker room and crowd wasn’t going to cheer him, then Lynch was determined that they would all fear him.

With Lynch on such an epic tear through the promotion, he was booked for WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019 in the Main Event, as he would be scheduled to put his title on the line against international superstar Johnny Impact.

Johnny Impact, or John Morrison, or Johnny Mundo or…well, he has several names due to his incredible success throughout multiple promotions around the world, has for the past decade has been one of the premier wrestlers due to his acrobatic and energized wrestling style. As the current Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Impact will most certainly be the greatest challenge that Lynch ever faced against.

The biggest difference between the two wrestlers going into WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019 is that while Johnny Impact is looking to build to his legacy by conquering yet another promotion’s champion, Lynch, with a mammoth-size chip on his shoulder, is off to prove to not only the ACW Wisconsin fanbase, but the world, that he truly is the future of professional wrestling. In his mind, he truly is Weapon Next, and he is determined to force the wrestling world to acknowledge his greatness.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, as we look at the ACW Wisconsin Tag Team Championship match.


Originally published on April 17, 2019