Who are our people?

Nerd Dads at Wonder World

Who are our people?

I’m sure in recent days you’ve found yourself dallying around the dinner table with friends and family, engaging in your own social agora of maieutic and elenctic (look ‘em up) discourse as you delve into the question: Who is Nerd-Dads for? Instead of a verbose umbrella describing our peeps, we’re going to let the folks with whom we interacted in Madison recently paint a more vivid picture.

Nerd-Dads is for . . .

. . . the parents of the 14-month-old who has already met Carrie Fischer and Michael Rooker.

. . . the home-school teacher who utilizes her son’s fascination with a video game by infusing it with that year’s curricula, resulting in high levels of learning.

. . . the guy who was told he needs to come and stand at the booth for 30 seconds.

. . . the dad who stood with his sons in heartfelt battle during Family Fictitious Fantasy Funtime Feud.

. . . the airport patron who was so excited when her husband sent a pic of their She-Ra-bedazzled daughter with Tom Cook, she started showing it to strangers.

. . . the grandparents who are at the convention because of their own personal interests - and for whom it’d sound almost natural to have ‘Baggins’ tacked on the end of their name.

. . . the mom who proves that, despite what you’ve heard, Gamora DOES dance.

. . . the grandmother who takes her autistic grandson to the convention.

. . . the mother who brings her son to our booth because the day before, a kid at school called him a nerd and she wants him to see that that’s ok.

Does that sum it up pretty well?

- Rob