A Beginner's Guide to ACW Wisconsin WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019, Part 2: Tag Team Championship

Famous Trash, Team Tag Move (c), and The Player's Club

A Beginner's Guide to ACW Wisconsin WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019, Part 2: Tag Team Championship

In Part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide to WaterCity WrestlingCon 2019 (which we are thrilled to be a part of!), we take a look at the ACW Wisconsin Tag Team Championship between Team Tag Move (c), Famous Trash, and the Players Club.


“On the road, I’m seen as Hornswoggle from the WWE.  When I’m at ACW, I’m Dylan from Oshkosh.” –Swoggle, during his recent interview on the BADD Medicine Podcast.

To the casual fan, Swoggle is one of the most recognizable faces in professional wrestling, having been part of many major storylines in the WWE during his over ten year tenure during the company.  While he is not a regular with the promotion any more, he still makes guest appearances, having been a part of the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia and the Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona.  He’s even graced the silver screen, starring in such films like Muppets: Most Wanted.  There is no denying that to the average wrestling fan, he is the biggest star in the promotion.

To ACW Wisconsin fans, however, he is one half of Team Tag Move, the current ACW Wisconsin Tag Team Champions.  He, along with tag partner Nick Colucci, won their first championship as a team after one of the most brutal ladder matches in the promotion’s history during the Fifth Anniversary event last November.  Despite his extensive resume (and the fact that he is co-owner of the promotion), it was the very first time that he had won a title in the company.  Of the two members of Team Tag Move, Colucci is the one with the stronger ACW Wisconsin resume, having been a former ACW Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion (and also the holding the record for the longest singular run with the Heavyweight title, holding it for 392 days).

This will be the first time that either member of Team Tag Move will be going into a WrestlingCon as a defending champion, and to make their challenge even more of an uphill climb, their title defense will not be against one tag team, but TWO.

One of their opponents will be Famous Trash.  Famous Trash became a tag team in ACW Wisconsin back in 2018, and while their win/loss record would not make them a contender on paper, their devious yet brutal offensive skills make them worthy challengers to the title.  Comprised of the three-time ACW Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion Joey Avalon and the immensely gifted Jordy Lee, neither man is afraid to tell you how better they are than you.

While their bond seems to be stronger than ever when they are together in the ring, neither one of them can trust the other when they are apart.  Could their lack of faith in each other sour to the point where they may implode during their shot at tag team gold, or will they resolve their differences and become champions?

The other tag team that will be challenging Team Tag Move for the titles will be The Players Club, quite possibly the most popular tag team in the promotion in the eyes of the ACW Wisconsin faithful.  Both dominant in size and power, the combination of fan favorites Jason Cash and Chris Baugher bring the party to every event that they are a part of.  Despite their success and popularity, neither man has yet to hold an ACW Wisconsin title.  Could April 27th be the day in which they achieve that goal, or will the competition be too strong for the two of them?

Thanks to the six wrestlers competing in this match, this will likely be one of the most entertaining events on the card.  Those who are fortunate enough to have seats in the first three rows are at a great advantage, for half the fun of these three tag teams is listening to the trash talking they do (and believe me, all six men are experts!).  If WaterCity WrestlingCon is your first ACW Wisconsin event, you will find out why seeing these teams compete at other events throughout the year, such as the ones that take place at the Oshkosh Masonic Center, are so incredibly entertaining.

While I have my own personal prediction on who may end up as the victor in this match, it could easily go to any of the three tag teams involved.  All three are worthy of holding the championship, but we’ll just have to wait until April 27th to see who will come out of the Menominee Nation Arena as champions.


Come back to Part 3 of our series, as we will cover the ACW Water City Championship match between Peter Schwanz, Adam Grace, and TW3.



Originally published on April 17, 2019