Nerd Dads Presents: XFL Fandemonium

Nerd Dads Presents: XFL Fandemonium

Nerd Dads Presents: XFL Fandemonium

For the second time this millennium, a sports league that no one asked for, owned and operated by the head of the WWE, and which 1/3 of its acronym has zero meaning, is returning to stadiums and television screens.  The XFL, one of the grandest professional sports failures of all time, will have its second inaugural season in February 2020.

With every franchise being owned by the same organization, and with teams with little to no ties to the communities that they play in, being a fan of a franchise for any other reason than they are the organization that is closest to your place of residency is borderline nonsensical.  The ludicrous nature of being a fan of a specific XFL franchise is the foundation of Nerd Dads's newest project, XFL Fandemonium!

We at Nerd Dads will start your journey down the XFL fandom rabbit hole by assigning you a team to cheer for and to encourage you to root your newly appointed team with irrational pride!  To be assigned your new lifelong obsession, simply send us a direct message on Facebook at our Facebook page, or send us an email at .  From there, you will be informed which of the eight XFL franchises you will give your undying devotion to.  The reasoning behind your assignment is completely random.  There are no surveys to take, no demographics to disclose, no logic given to the outcome.

From here, we highly encourage you to show your team pride as publicly and creatively as possible.  Share with us your XFL fandom on our Facebook page by posting a comment or sending us a direct message, or email us your tales of XFL devotion to .  If you wish to share your XFL love on social media, make sure to use the hashtag #XFLFandemonium so that others involved in this experience can search for other XFL fanatics.  We will be keeping an archive of submitted XFL devotion on the Nerd Dads website.



Q: How should I display my XFL fandom?

A: Any way you’d like!  Let your creative juices flow with this activity!  Make up cheer songs, write about what the team means to you in poetic fashion, create your own XFL gear, and so on!  Be creative, be goofy, and have fun with it!


Q: Do I need to know or like football to participate?

A: No, you don't.  In fact, you may have even more fun with this the less you actually know about the league or the sport!


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Why not?!  Whether you look at this as a satire of how crazy fandom for entertainment products can be, an exercise in creativity, or a fun way to get into a new sports league, XFL Fandemonium is all about having fun with something that quite absurd in it even existing!


Q: This seems to be pretty open-ended.  Are there any rules?

A: Only one, and it’s a big one: Be nice to others.  Fandom can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a breeding ground for unneeded hostility.  We can all think of an instance where fans have mutated their passion for something into an excuse to be abusive towards others.  We certainly don’t want that to happen with this creative project, so while you can have fun in pretend to be combative with other fans of opposing teams, make sure to never cross into negative territories.


Q: What if more than one person in our household wants to participate?  Do we all need to be fans of the same team?

A: That’s up to you!  If you’d like for us to assign each person in your household separately, we can do that.  If one person in the household wants to receive a team assignment, and everyone else in the household follows suit, then you can do that, too!


Q: Is there a deadline to being assigned a team?

A: No, but the less history the team has when you get an assignment, the more absurd it will be for you to be a fan.  The first game of the XFL 2020 season is Saturday, February 8, so to be completely in the dark before the season begins, try to get your team assignment before then!