Nerd Madness, Bracket #1: Best MCU Movie


Nerd Madness, Bracket #1: Best MCU Movie

The March Madness basketball tournament is just around the corner, and to give this event a fun nerdy twist, we'll be posting various brackets for you and your family to fill out. Instead of basketball teams, however, it'll be trying to figure out the best of various genres and topics in nerd culture.

With the first bracket in this series, fill out the bracket to see what is the best Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Print out the bracket, make a few copies, and fill them out with your family. From there you can either compare your brackets, or for some extra fun you can come together and fill out a joint bracket, and then go back and see who had the bracket that most resembles your group bracket!

We will likely be doing podcasts where Rob, Erik, and I will be filling out a bracket as well, and you can compare your brackets with ours!


MCU BracketClick the above image for a larger, printable version